VMware Workstation Player home screen

When you start VMware Workstation Player, you are presented with the home screen:

The home screen consists of the following components:

  1. Player menu – contains some common menus and options, such as the File menu to create or open a virtual machine, options to power off or restart the VM, run the VM in full screen, and other actions used to manage a virtual machine.
  2. Action icons – the green power icon allows you to power on, restart, suspend or power off the virtual machine. The second icon on the left sends Ctrl+Alt+Del to the selected VM. The following icon enables you to connect to VMware Horizon FLEX Server (Horizon FLEX Server allows users to run locally a locked-down virtual machine). The forth icon activates the full screen mode, and the last icon enables Unity Mode, which displays applications from virtual machines directly on the host system desktop.
  3. Library – contains the list of virtual machines created or opened in Player. The list will be empty if you haven’t created any virtual machine.
  4. Working window – when the Home icon above the Library is selected, links for some common actions in Player are displayed. When a VM listed in the Library is selected, its information are displayed, along with the option to start or edit the VM:

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