Copy and Paste

You can cut, copy, and paste text, images, email attachments and other types of files between applications running on the host system and applications running in a virtual machine.

The Copy and Paste feature has the following requirements:

• VMware Tools must be installed in a virtual machine.
• this feature works only with Linux and Windows host systems and Linux, Windows, and Solaris 10 guests.
• Linux hosts and guests must run X-Windows. Solaris 10 guests must run run an Xorg server and JDS/Gnome.
• you can only copy email attachments smaller than 4MB.
• you can only copy Unicode text smaller than 4MB.

You can use the usual hot keys or menu choices to cut, copy and paste. For example, here is how I can copy a file from the host system and paste it into the guest OS:

1. First, I will copy a file from the desktop of the host operating system:

2. Next, I can paste this file on the desktop of the guest operating system:

3. The file has been copied to the guest OS:

The same procedure can be used to copy text from the host OS to the guest OS and vice versa – simply copy the text from application in one operating system and paste it into the appropriate application running in the other.
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