View Integrity Levels

An integrity level is a representation of the trustworthiness of the running application processes and objects. It provides the ability for a file system to use predefined policies that block processes of lower integrity levels from reading or modifying objects of higher integrity.

Processes are assigned and run at a certain integrity level. For example, the elevated apps run at High, normal apps run at Medium, and low-rights processes run at Low.

To display the integrity level of a process on your system, open Procexp and go to View > Select Columns:

In the Select Columns dialog box, check the Integrity Level check box and click OK:

The Procexp main window should now display a column called Integrity which shows the integrity level of the processes:

In the picture above you can see that we have two processes called notepad.exe. Notice how the first process has the integrity level of Medium, and the second has the integrity level of High. This is because the first process was started as a normal user, while the second process was started using the Run as Administrator option.

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