Install Process Explorer

Although Procexp is included in the SysInternals suite of products, it can be downloaded and run as a standalone application. To download it, go to this link and click the Download Process Explorer link on the right:

The downloaded .zip file includes five files:

  • Eula.txt – Sysinternals Software license terms
  • procexp.chm – the official help file
  • procexp.exe – the 32-bit executable
  • procexp64.exe – the 64-bit executable
  • procexp64a.exe – executable for ARM processors

To start the program, simply double-click the procexp.exe or procexp64.exe file – there is no installation at all! You just need to accept the license agreement the first time you run the program.

Procexp consists only of a single .exe file and it is portable. Simply copy the .exe file to an USB stick and you are good to go!
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