Display options

Procexp features a number of display options, available under the Options and View tabs:

Always On Top – Procexp remains above all other windows on the desktop.
Hide When Minimized – Procexp runs in the tray as a small graph reflecting the current CPU usage and is not shown in the taskbar when you minimize it. Also, clicking its standard Close icon in the upper right corner of the title bar minimizes rather than exits Procexp.
Allow Only One Instance – prevents multiple instances of Process Explorer from running simultaneously.
Font – allows you to choose a different font for Procexp.
Scroll to New Processes – Procexp will scroll the process list when a new process starts to bring the new process into view.
Show Processes From All Users – the process list includes all processes running on the computer. When this option is disabled, the process list will show only processes running under the same user account as Procexp.

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