Virtualization benefits

There are many reasons why you should use virtualization in your environment. Here are the most important ones:

  • Server consolidation – virtualization can help you reduce capital investitions. In traditional environments it is common to dedicate each server to a single application. This leaves most computers vastly underused. Virtualization enables you to consolidate all the workloads on one server, which reduces the number of physical machines.
  • Virtual labs – you can run a virtual machine to try out application that you think might be unsafe.
  • Security purposes – you can create a virtual machine running Windows just for online shoping, so you can be sure there are no spyware or trojans that will capture your passwords.
  • Faster server provisioning – with Oracle VirtualBox, you can quickly clone an image, master template, or existing virtual machine to get a server up and running within a few minutes.
  • Cost saving – not only your company will save money on the physical server hardware, power and cooling of the servers that were consolidated, you will also save on the time it used to take to administer physical servers.
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