Oracle VirtualBox features

Here is a list of the most important features offered by Oracle VirtualBox:

  • Free: Oracle VirtualBox if free and open source software.
  • Portability: VirtualBox is a cross-platform Type 2 hypervisor,  which means that a VM created on one host can easily run on another and, by using Open Virtualization Format (OVF), the guest VMs can be imported and exported when required.
  • VM groups: VirtualBox provides a groups feature.This features enables the user to organize virtual machines individually as well as collectively. In general, operations such as start, close, pause, reset, save state, shutdown, power off, and so on can be applied to VM groups like individual VMs.
  • Guest additions – these are the set of tools that are installed on the Guest OS to improve their performance and to provide additional integration and communication with the host system.
  • Snapshots : VirtualBox proide the save snapshot feature of guest VM state information. You can go back in time and revert the virtual machine.
  • Great hardware support: VirtualBox supports guest SMP, USB devices, full ACPI support, multiscreen resolution, built-in iSCSI support, and PXE network boot.
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