Find out more information about your system

To find out more information about your Linux system, you can use the uname (stands for unix name) command. This command prints the hostname, kernel version, the CPU information, and other useful information about the computer and the Linux operating system running on it.

Used without any options, the uname command simply prints the OS name:

uname command

To print the device hostname, use the -n option:

uname n option

To find out the kernel version number you are using, use the -r option:

uname r option

To get more information about your computer, use the -m option:

uname m option

The command pictured above displays the CPU mode – i686 indicates a 32-bit operating system, while x86 64 indicates a 64-bit one.

To find out what OS you are using, use the -o parameter:

uname o option

The uname command is usually used with the -a option. This option returns all available information about your system:

uname command a option

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