Common environment variables

Here is a list of common environment variables in Linux:

  • USER – your current username.
  • SHELL – the path to the current command shell (for example, /bin/bash).
  • PWD – the current working directory.
  • HOSTNAME – the hostname of the computer.
  • HOME – your home directory.
  • MAIL – the location of the user’s mail spool. Usually /var/spool/mail/USER.
  • LANG – your current language.
  • TZ – your time zone.
  • PS1 – the default prompt in bash.
  • TERM – the current terminal type (for example, xterm).
  • DISPLAY – the display used by X. This variable is usually set to :0.0, which means the first display on the current computer.
  • HISTFILESIZE – the maximum number of lines contained in the history file.
  • EDITOR – the user’s preferred text editor.
  • MANPATH – the list of directories to search for manual pages.
  • OSTYPE – the type of operating system.
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