VMware Player log files

You can view the Message log of a virtual machine in VMware Player. This log contains various warning information. Here are the steps:

1. Power on the virtual machine.

2. Go to Player > Manage > Message Log:

vmware open message log

3. The Message Log window opens:

vmware message log

The Message log displays only warning information about the virtual machine. To view more information about the virtual machine, browse to the directory on the host system where the virtual machine files are stored. You should see a file named vmware.log:

virtual machine directory

This file contains information specific to a running instance of the virtual machine, such as startup configuration, operations, and shutdown of the virtual machine:

vmware log

VMware Player keeps six rotations of the vmware.log file: vmware.log, vmware-0.log, vmware-1.log, etc.
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