Virtual machine files

Each VM consists of several types of files usually stored on the host operating system.

Here is a list and description of files that make up a virtual machine:

  • Configuration file (<VM name>.vmx) – the primary configuration file that stores the settings of a virtual machine
  • BIOS file (<VM name>.nvram) – a file that contains the virtual machine’s BIOS
  • Log files (vmware.log or <VM name>.log) – a virtual machine log file
  • Paging file (<VM name>.vmem) – the virtual machine paging file
  • Disk file (<VM name>.vmdk) – virtual disk file that stores the contents of the virtual machine hard disk.
  • Snapshot data file (<VM name>.vmsd) – a file that stores information and metadata about snapshots
  • Snapshot state file (<VM name>.vmsn) – a file that stores the running state of a virtual machine at the time you take the snapshot
  • Suspend state file (<VM name>.vmss) – a file that stores the state of a suspended virtual machine.

Here is a list of files that make up an Ubuntu virtual machine:

virtual machine files

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