The Goto application

Another one of the applications that will make your dialplan more dynamic is the Goto application. This application enables you to jump to a particular priority, extension, or context. The application accepts up to three parameters:

  • if you specify just a single parameter, Asterisk will jump to the specified priority within the current extension.
  • if you specify two parameters, Asterisk will treat the first parameter as an extension within the current context to jump to, and the second parameter as the priority within that extension.
  • if you specify three parameters, Asterisk will treat them as the context, extension, and priority (respectively) to jump to.

Here is a simple example. First we will create a new context in our dialplan with the extension we will jump to:

exten => 555,1,Playback(you-have-reached-a-test-number)

Now, we will call the Goto application inside our old context (local). Add the following code to the end of the local context:

exten => 555,1,Goto(NewContext,555,1)

Now, when a device enters the local context and dials 555, the call will be passed to the extension 555 in the NewContext context and the sound you-have-reached-a-test-number will be played.

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