Registering phones to Asterisk

After we’ve installed Ekiga, we need to set up an account that will be able to make calls using Asterisk. If not already running, start Ekiga by running the sudo ekiga command. To add a new SIP account, go to Edit > Accounts:

In the window that opens, select Accounts > Add a SIP Account:

Now you need to enter the following Asterisk parameters:

  • Name – the account name goes here. This should be descriptive name.
  • Registrar – the IP address or the host name of your Asterisk server.
  • User – your account username. It corresponds directly to the section name in square brackets in sip.conf.
  • Authentication user – the same as above.
  • Password – your account password (verysecret1 in my example).
  • Timeout – the timeout after which the registration should be updated. Leave the default value of 3600.

And that’s it! Your account should be listed as registered:

We can also verify that the account is listed as Registered on the Asterisk server using the sip show peers command:

I will use another instance of Ekiga to register another peer called alice. The procedure will be the same as described above, only the Username parameter will be alice, and not bob.

We still can not make calls. To be able to do that, we need to configure the dialplan.
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