Configure host-only networking

In host-only networking, a network completely contained within the host computer is created. This networking configuration provides a network connection between the virtual machine and the host system by using a virtual network adapter that is visible on the host operating system. The virtual DHCP server provides IP addresses on the host-only network.

In the figure below you can see an example host-only networking configuration (source: VMware):

host only networking configuration

A host-only network (VMnet1) is set up for you when you install VMware Player. In the default configuration, a virtual machine is isolated and cannot connect to the Internet.

Here is how you can configure host-only networking for an existing virtual machine in VMware Player:

1. Select the virtual machine from the library and go to Player > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings:

vm settings

2. On the Hardware tab, select Network Adapter. Under Network connection, select Host-only: A private network shared with the host:

host only networking

(Optional) You can also connect a virtual network adapter to a custom host-only network. Under Network connection, select Custom: Specific virtual network and select the custom host-only network:

custom networking

3. Click OK to save the changes.

To configure host-only networking for a new virtual machine, select the Customize Hardware option in the New Virtual Machine wizard.
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