VMware Tools explained

VMware Tools is a suite of utilities that enhances the performance and improves management of the virtual machine’s guest operating system. It is not installed by default and are not required for the guest OS functionality, but offers many benefits, including:

  • optimized NIC drivers.
  • optimized SCSI drivers.
  • virtual machine heartbeat.
  • enhanced graphics and mouse performance.
  • time synchronization.
  • ability to shut down virtual machine.
  • better memory management.

The following components are installed when you install VMware Tools:

  • the VMware Tools service (vmtoolsd.exe on Windows guests or vmtoolsd on Linux guests). This service synchronizes the time in the guest operating system with the time in the host operating system.
  • a set of VMware device drivers.
  • a set of scripts that helps you automate guest operating system operations.
  • the VMware user process (VMwareUser.exe on Windows guests or vmware-user on Linux guests), which enables you to copy and paste text between the guest operating system and the host operating system..
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