VM boot options

To control how a virtual machine starts, you can use the Boot Options panel of the VM Options tab in the Edit Settings dialog box. The boot options that can be changed are:

  • Firmware – the firmware used to boot the virtual machine. Two options are available: BIOS and EFI. If the guest OS supports both options, you can select the option that will be used here.
  • Boot Delay – specifies the delay between the time a virtual machine is powered on and the guest OS starts to boot.
  • Force BIOS (EFI) setup – forces the virtual machine to go straight into BIOS.
  • Failed Boot Recovery – when turned on, this option forces the virtual machine to retry booting after 10 seconds (by default), if the VM fails to find a boot device.

To change the virtual machine boot options, log into vSphere Web Client. Select the VM from the inventory and select the Edit Settings option:

vm edit settings

In the Edit Settings dialog box, select the VM Options tab and expand the Boot Options panel:

boot options

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