Requirements for Virtual SAN

Although VSAN is easy to set up, there are certain things you need to be aware of before deploying Virtual SAN in your environment:

  • you need to have vCenter Server installed. vCenter Server is used to manage VSAN.
  • a minimum of three ESXi hosts are required. The maximum number of ESXI hosts that can use VSAN is eight.
  • ESXi hosts must be of version 5.5 or higher.
  • a dedicated Virtual SAN network is required. 1 Gbps network can be used, but 10Gbps network is recommended, with two NICs for fault-tolerance purposes.
  • all ESXi hosts with local storage must have at least one SSD and one hard disk.
  • the SSDs must make up at least 10 percent of the total amount of storage.


Not every host in a VSAN cluster needs to have local storage in order to take advantage of VSAN storage resources. Hosts without storage are used to compute resources.
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