Play audio

A Raspberry Pi device can be used to play audio files such as MP3s. There are several MP3 players available for Raspbian. We will use the one called LXMusic.

To install this program, simply start the terminal (the third icon on the right of the Menu bar), enter the sudo apt-get install lxmusic command and type Y when prompted:

install lxmusic raspbian

After the installation process is completed, start the application by selecting Menu > Sound & Video > Music Player:

start lxmusic raspbian

LXMusic has a familiar interface – you can play and pause MP3s, create playlists, adjust volume, etc. To add a file to the playlist, select the blue plus icon in the lower left corner:

lxmusic raspbian

Choose the files you would like to add and click Add:

add mp3 lxmusic raspbian

To play the file, simply choose the play button above the playlist.

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