Configure NFS datastore

An ESXi host requires a VMkernel port on a virtual switch in order to access an NFS datastore. A VMkernel port is configured with its own IP address, subnet mask and default gateway to allow the ESXi host to access the NFS datastore. Here you have an article that describes the process of creating a VMkernel port. After you created a VMkernel port, you will need to use vSphere Web Client to configure an NFS datastore.

Here are the instructions to configure an NFS datastore on an ESXi host using vSphere Web Client:

1. Select your ESXi host from the inventory and go to Related Objects > Datastores. Click the Create a new datastore icon to start the wizard:

create a new datastore

2. Select the location and click Next:

create a new datastore location

3. Select NFS as the datastore type:

create a new datastore nfs

4. Name the new datastore. The name can be anything you want. In the Server field, type the hostname or the IP address of the NFS server. In the Folder field, type the path to the NFS datastore. Leave the Mount NFS read only check box deselected:

create a new datastore path

5. Click Finish.

You should see your new datastore in the Datastores window:

nfs datastore

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