Browse VMFS datastores

You can display the content of the VMFS datastores configured for your ESXi host using vSpere Web Client. You can also perform the following actions:

  • create a folder on the datastore.
  • upload a file to the datastore.
  • download a file from the datastore to your computer.
  • delete a file from the datastore.

To show the content of a VMFS datastore, go to the Datastore inventory in vSphere Web Client. You should see a list of datastores:

view datastores

To browse a datastore, select a datastore from the inventory and go to Manage > Files:

manage files datastore

To upload a file to the datastore, click the Upload a file to the Datastore icon on the right:

upload a file datastore

You will be prompted to select a file to upload:

upload a file datastore browse

To create a new folder on the datastore, click the Create a new folder icon on the right:

create new folder datastore

Type the name for the folder:

create new folder datastore name

To delete a file or folder from the datastore, select the file and click the Delete selected file or folder icon on the right:

delete file datastore

When prompted, confirm the deletion:

confirm deletion file datastore

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