VMkernel port for iSCSI software initiator

An iSCSI software initiator requires a VMkernel port on a virtual switch to access software iSCSI. A VMkernel port is configured with its own IP address, subnet mask and default gateway to enable the ESXi host to access the iSCSI SAN device.

Here are the steps to create a VMkernel port on a standard virtual switch using vSphere Web Client:

1. Select your ESXi host in the inventory and go to Manage > Networking. From the list of virtual switches, select the switch on which you would like to create a VMkernel port on and click the Add host networking icon:

add host networking


2. The Add Network Wizard opens. Select VMkernel Network Adapter as the connection type and click Next:

add vmkernel network adapter


3. Select the Select an existing standard switch option and choose the switch you would like to create a VMkernel port on:

select existing standard switch


4. In the Network label field, type iSCSI Storage. All other settings can keep the default values:

vmkernel port properties

5. It is recommended that you manually set up the IP settings. Select Use static IPv4 settings and type the IP address and subnet mask that the VMkernel port will use. Verify that the default gateway and DNS server IP addresses are correct:

vmkernel port properties ip

6. Click Finish to finish the wizard.

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