vCenter Server Appliance installation

The vCenter Server Appliance can be downloaded from the vCenter Server 5.x download page. The applicance is deployed as an Open Virtualization Format (OVF)–formatted VM.

In this example we will use the vCenter Server Appliance OVA package, which is an archive file with the OVF directory inside.


Here are the steps to deploy the vCenter Server virtual appliance:

1. Connect to the ESXi host on which the appliance will be installed using the vSphere Client:

log in to esxi vsphere client

2. Select FileDeploy OVF Template:

vsphere client deploy ovf template

3. Cick the Browse button and browse to the OVF or OVA file:

vsphere client select ovf file

4. Review the details of vCenter Server Appliance and click Next:

vsphere client virtual appliance details

5. Choose a name for the appliance:

vsphere client virtual appliance name

6. Select the destination datastore and the disk format:

vsphere client virtual appliance datastore

8. Click Finish to start the deployment:

vsphere clientstart virtual appliance deployment

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