Use vSphere Storage vMotion

vSphere Storage vMotion is a vSphere migration mechanism used to migrate a powered-on VM’s files from one datastore to another. Here is how you can migrate VM’s files with Storage vMotion using vSphere Web Client:

1. (Optional) If your VM is powered-off, power it on.

2. Right-click the VM whose virtual disks you want to migrate and select the Migrate option:

start storage vmotion

3. The Migrate Virtual Machine wizard opens. Select the Change datastore option as the migration type:

storage vmotion change datastore

4. Select the desired virtual disk format and the destination datastore:

storage vmotion destination datastore

5. Review the settings and click Finish to start the migration:

storage vmotion finish

After the migration is completed, the VM should reside on the new datastore:

storage vmotion new datastore

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