Internationalisation options

You can change your timezone, keyboard layout, language and regional settings by selecting Internationalisation Options in raspi-config:

internationalisation options raspbian

These settings are available when you select this option:

  • Change Locale – language and regional settings
  • Change Timezone – timezone configuration
  • Change Keyboard Layout – keyboard layout configuration

internationalisation options

Change Locale

If you’re happy using your Raspberry Pi in English, you don’t need to use this option.


Choose the Change Locale option to configure your language and regional settings. Upon selecting this option, a configuration wizard should open:

locale options raspbian

Select locales you would like to generate (by pressing Space) and select Ok. If promted to choose the default locale for the system environment, select a locale and select Ok:

default locale raspbian

Change Timezone

Choose this option to select your timezone. Upon selecting this option, a configuration wizard should open:

timezone raspbian

Choose your timezone and select Ok.

Change Keyboard Layout

Choose this option to select the keyboard layout. Upon selecting this option, a configuration wizard should open:

keyboard layout raspbian

The wizard contains a lot of keyboard models. If you cannot find your keyboard model, use one of the generic keyboards. After selecting the model, you will be prompted to choose the keyboard layout:

keyboard layout raspi config

Next, you can choose the key to function as the ALtGr key, if your keyboard doesn’t have one:

keyboard altgr raspi config
You can also choose the Compose key:

keyboard compose key raspi config

Finally, choose whether you would like that the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination terminates the X server:

keyboard x server termination

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