Delete snapshot

You can delete a virtual machine’s snapshot using the Snapshot Manager. Note that deleting a snapshot consolidates the changes between snapshots and the previous disk states. Here are a couple of examples (image source: VMware):

1. If you delete a snapshot above the You are here moment, that snapshot is deleted and its data is commited into the previous state, so the foundation for subsequent snapshots (in this case snap02) is retained:

deleting snapshots 2

2. If you delete the current snapshot (at the You are here moment), the changes are commited to the parent snapshot. In this case, the snap02 data is commited into snap01 data:

deleting snapshots 2

3. If you delete a snapshot below the You are here moment, the subsequent snapshot point-in-time moments are deleted and you won’t be able to return to those moments:

deleting snapshots 3

4. If you use the Delete All option, all intermediate snapshots before the You are here moment are commited to the base disk. All snapshot after the You are here moment are discarded:

delete all snapshots

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