Configure Virtual SAN

Here is an overview of the steps required to configure Virtual SAN (VSAN) in your vSphere environment:

1. You need to create a dedicated VMkernel network for the VSAN. The network has to be accessible by all ESXi hosts. 1Gbps network can be used, but 10Gbps network is recommended, with two NICs for fault-tolerance purposes.

2. You need to create a VSAN cluster. When creating a cluster using vSphere Web Client, the VSAN option is available:

cluster vsan

3. The VSAN cluster can be configured in two modes:

  • Automatic mode – all local disks are claimed by VSAN for the creation of the VSAN datastore.
  • Manual mode – you must manually select disks to add to the VSAN datastore.

4a. If you configure the VSAN cluster in the Automatic mode, all ESXi hosts are scanned for empty disks that are then configured for VSAN.

4b. If you configure the VSAN cluster in the Manual mode, you need to create disk groups for VSAN.

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