Advanced Options in vSphere HA

You can use vSphere HA Advanced Options to configure extra parameters for your HA cluster, such as the address to ping to determine if a host is isolated from the network, the minumum amount of CPU sufficent for any VM to be usable, etc.

Here is a list of all available parameters (image source: VMware):

advanced ha parameters

You can configure these parameters using vSphere Web Client. For example, here is how we can configure the isolation response address:

1. Select your cluster from the inventory and go to Manage > Settings > vSphere HA and click the Edit button on the right:

edit cluster settings

2. The Edit Cluster Settings dialog box opens. Expand the Advanced Options panel and click the Add button:

add configuration parameter ha

3. Under Option, type das.isolationaddress. Under Value, type the IP address to be used as the isolation response address:

isolation address ha

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