Read a file

To read a file we’ve created in the previous lesson, we need to create a file object, but this time we will use the Read mode:

fr = open('new_file.txt', 'r')

We now need a variable to store the text inside the file. The read() method will to read the entire contents of new_file.txt and store it as one long string in the variable text:

text =

We can then print the variable just like any other:

Have a nice day!
You too!

Remember to close the file object after you are done working with it:


We can also read the file line by line using the for loop. This is how it is done:

fr = open('new_file.txt', 'r')

i = 1

for line in fr:
    print(i, 'line:', line)
    i += 1


The output:

1 line: Have a nice day!

2 line: You too!
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