Search strings

Aug 5,97

There are many functions in Python to search strings for specific information. Here are some of them: count(value) – counts …

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String functions

Aug 4,97

Python offers a lot of functions that enable you to modify strings. For example, there are functions to transform all …

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Access individual characters

Aug 3,97

We’ve already learned that strings are made of a contiguous set of characters. You can access individual characters in a …

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Escape characters

Aug 2,97

Let’s say that we want to print the path to the directory C:\nature. Consider what happens when we try to print …

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What are strings?

Aug 1,97

In Python, strings are used to store a contiguous set of characters. Strings are one of the most popular data …

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Display module content

Jul 28,97

The module content is usually displayed using the dir () function, which displays the attributes provided by the module. Here …

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