Configure IPv6 on a Cisco router

Aug 16,95

By default, the IPv6 routing is not enabled on Cisco routers. There are several methods for configuring IPv6 addresses on …

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IPv6 EUI-64 calculation

Aug 13,95

The second part of an IPv6 unicast address (used to identify a host’s network interface) is usually a 64-bit interface …

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IPv6 link-local addresses

Aug 11,95

Link-local IPv6 addresses have a smaller scope as to how far they can travel: only within a subnet that a …

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IPv6 unique local address

Aug 10,95

Unique local IPv6 addresses have the same function as private addresses in IPv4 – to allow communication throughout a site …

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IPv6 global unicast address

Aug 9,95

IPv6 global unicast addresses are similar to IPv4 public addresses. A company that needs IPv6 addresses asks for a registered …

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IPv6 address types

Aug 8,95

As you probably know, there are three types of IPv4 addresses: unicast, multicast, and broadcast. In IPv6, broadcast addresses have …

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