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A short introduction to… Alarm systems

Oct 23,22

With the ever increasing number of burglaries and theft there is a growing need for anti-burglary alarm systems. These systems …

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A short introduction to… IP video intercom

Jun 28,22

Analog intercom systems support only two-way voice communication. An IP video intercom (also known as video door entry, video doorbell, …

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A short introduction to… Time and attendance systems

Jun 28,22

Time and attendance systems are used to track and optimize the work hours that employees spend on the job. The …

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A short introduction to… Physical access control system (PACS)

Jun 27,22

Physical access control system (PACS) is a type of physical security system typically used by businesses, military sites, or even …

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A short introduction to… IP video surveillance

Jun 25,22

IP video surveillance systems usually consist of one or more IP cameras that are connected to a central recording unit …

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Device states

Apr 1,22

To properly manage queues, the Queue application needs to know the current state of a device. In order to enable …

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