VCP5-DCV course

This online course prepares you for the VCP-DCV5 exam.


About this course

This course teaches you to manage virtual machines in a VMware vSphere environment. vSphere is a software suite that includes components like ESXi, vCenter Server, vSphere Client, vCenter Orchestrator, vSphere Update Manager and so on.


This tutorial is designed for people with some experience in the world of virtualization. Although the course presumes some knowledge about computer systems in general, it is customized for beginners. This course can also be used in preparation for the VCP5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization) certification.


You should have a basic understanding of computers. You should know how to download and install a program in Windows and some basic knowledge of system administration (configuring IP addresses, connecting to the Internet, installing Windows, etc.).

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to set up your own virtual infrastructure using VMware vSphere. You will learn how to deploy a virtual machine on ESXi, how to set up a virtual network, migrate virtual machines using vMotion, set up Fault Tolerance…

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