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Splunk online course

This free online course teaches you how to work with Splunk, a popular application for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data.


About this course

This tutorial teaches you how to work with Splunk, a popular application for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. Splunk enables you to index structured or unstructured textual machine-generated data and to perform real-time and historical search, as well as reports and statistical analysis.


This tutorial is designed for people who want to learn more about Splunk – what it can be used for, how you can use Splunk to collect and analyze the logs in your environment.


The tutorial is written for people with some experience in the world of computers. You should also have a basic understanding of Linux, since some of the examples in this tutorial are performed in Linux.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to download and install Splunk on your Windows or Linux system. You will learn how to collect logs from a local or remote computers, and how to search them using a web-based interface. You will also find out how to create alerts and reports based on the Splunk searches.


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Course Reviews


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  1. Basic course - Great overview of Splunk tools


    Very good and well defined course.

  2. Great course to get started with Splunk


    I recommend this course if you wish to understand what can be done with Splunk and how to do it.

  3. Good intro


    This was a good intro into understanding Splunk

  4. Introduction to Splunk


    Good introduction and examples to start with Splunk

  5. Splunk online course


    Very effective course.

  6. Good to learn beginners


    Beginners must be take this course.

  7. Good course for Beginners


    Provided quick understanding of how Splunk can be installed and configured for windows log/event/performance monitoring and Linux log monitoring. Explained well about Splunk main server (Receiver and indexer) and forwarder installation and configurations.

    Demonstration with the required screenshots helped me to understand the usage of searches, alerts and reports.

    Really helpful. Thank you for this course.

  8. Splunk is the best thing ever.


    This course is the best. Definitely, worth it. I do need to be able to memorize some of the stuff though. As such, I plan to revisit and go through the material again. Thanks for making this digestible. As a newbie to this field, this is absolutely great.

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