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Raspberry Pi free course

This free online course teaches you how to work with the Raspberry Pi, a powerful credit-card-sized computer developed with the intention of promoting the teaching of computer science and programming in schools.



This tutorial is designed for beginners looking to get into the exciting world of Raspberry Pi.


You should have a basic understanding of computers. You should know how to download a program from the internet and format an SD card. It would be helpful is you have some basic knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, but this is not required.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how and where to buy the device. You will learn how to download and install Raspbian, the most popular operating system for Raspberry Pi. We will show you how to install applications for your device using command line and GUI tools.

Buy the book

The contents of this course is available as an ebook for only $4.99. By buying this ebook you are supporting my work and further development of this website.

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