Raspberry Pi free course

This free online course teaches you how to work with the Raspberry Pi, a powerful credit-card-sized computer developed with the intention of promoting the teaching of computer science and programming in schools.



This tutorial is designed for beginners looking to get into the exciting world of Raspberry Pi.


You should have a basic understanding of computers. You should know how to download a program from the internet and format an SD card. It would be helpful is you have some basic knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, but this is not required.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how and where to buy the device. You will learn how to download and install Raspbian, the most popular operating system for Raspberry Pi. We will show you how to install applications for your device using command line and GUI tools.

Buy the book

The contents of this course is available as an ebook for only $4.99. By buying this ebook you are supporting my work and further development of this website.

Course Reviews


38 ratings
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  1. I like it!


    Tnx, really useful.

  2. good course for begineers


    very informaive

  3. geek university is best of the learn raspberry pi..


    help the learn raspbeery pi..

  4. Nice platform for the beginners


    Content is really helpful for the beginners

  5. Great intro


    This was a great intro to Raspberry Pi.
    Answers a lot of questions for someone curious about getting started with one of these devices.



    Provide an environment which helps to learn the programming skills and enhance them at very low cost price

  7. Raspberry Pi course


    It’s been a while since I’ve used my Pi, so this course was a nice refresher. As a seasoned IT user I found it a little simplistic but would recommend it to all those new to the Pi.

  8. Raspberry PI


    Already having experience using the raspberry PI I did find a couple of elements within the course quite useful and definitely for a beginner would be very useful.

  9. This course is so good


    This course is very important to us

  10. same think is mission


    good course but add same program like led on off using Programming language of python. and also same basic programming exam using terminal of raspberry pi.

    –Thank you

  11. Nice


    It helped me get the basics clear.

  12. Beginner's Pi


    The way concepts are presented is very understandable.It gives a descriptive information about the components presented on the board in both schematic and theoretical way. Great Course

  13. This is very helpful


    This course is very helpful for beginners

  14. Awesome resources


    I hope i found this before buying my raspberry, but for starters and non programmers will be very helpful to take this course before even enter on linux world…..

  15. Raspberry Pi free course


    Many system and applications have been updated.

  16. Very helpful


    The course was really useful.

  17. Nice Beginer Course


    Good Course to start

  18. 5

    Thans for helping me for learn Raspy.

  19. Fun for Raspberry Pi Newbies


    If you’ve just acquired a Raspberry Pi and want a good beginner’s course to walk you through the set-up and get you familiar with the interface and the commands, then this is the course you need.

  20. 5

    Really Appreciated, thank you so much for providing such a needed information.

  21. 5

    Really helpful to start with RasPi

  22. Nice courses


    Nice courses for beginners

  23. ack


    Very useful course for beginners! I found a lot of good stuff to examine more deeply later.

  24. Excellent Course


    Great course for beginers, but also those with some linux experience. Recommended.

  25. Well explained


    The way of explanation is good and fully understandable.

  26. A good intro to Linux, HOWEVER . . .


    It is a good begfinner to Linux, however, the course is in desperate need of updating.

    The screenshots are old as the OS has been updated and many of the applications or packages are no longer available upon installation. For example there is no directory with sample music. There is just a directory but no sample music. Also the standard media player is now VLC. Additionally the recommended camera has been discontinued. Included in the list of obsolete material are various links to webpages that no longer exist or have moved to other pages with no forwarding links such as the link to raspeberrypi store. It is now a different URL that can be found by doing an internet search. This in itself is not a problem, but the frustration of non workingh links is. It is a simple matter of updating the links.

    For the life of me I do not undestand why someone would buy a raspberry pi. Just download the Raspbian OS and either run it in a virual machine or better still, get an old computer for an absolute fraction of the cost and install Raspbian on it. You get all the hardware, access to various modules and all that is needed to run Raspbian and learn linux. Infact you can get a proper hard disc and not worry about the SD card being corrupted. A 250 gig hard disc is cheaper than a 32 gig SD card and you get a CD/DVD player with it along with cooling fans and sound card

    The only advantage to buying a raspberry pi box would be its mobility, but then you would need a power source and all the footery cnnections etc, so maybe a low cost laptop would do the job and give a more robust piece of harware that includes all the USB, screen mouse pad and keyboard.

    The above review in no way takes anything away from the course material which basically teaches you linux and the graphical desktop environment that is basically very well put together and intuitive.

    As far as recommending the course is concerned, I certainly and most definitely would recommend it and I think Tuna has put together a very good course for the beginner, but if you don’t have a raspberry pie, just download the Raspbian OS and install it on an old computer or a laptop or even better still, dual boot with your current PC if you feel confident of having a dual boot OS computer

  27. Somewhat outdated for latest raspberrys, but still valuable


    I did learn som new stuff.

  28. Superb course


    an excellent choice for learning Raspbian

  29. 3

    Needs to be updated to current versions of Pi as well as software.

  30. Very good basic course


    Very good basic course with lots of information for the new to Raspberry or Linux based OSs.

  31. very good course


    I have learnt new things

  32. Good for beginners


    I learn a lot of things. Some of the extra things which I didn’t expect from it. Overall is good.

  33. supermegagigACOOL ;)


    hät echt spass gmacht! chuchuchäschtli :))

  34. Nice


    The Raspberry Pi Course is a bit too focused on Raspbian, but I think its good

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