Course Curriculum

Nmap overview & networking basics
What is Nmap?FREE 00:00:00
OSI model 00:00:00
MAC addressFREE 00:00:00
TCP/IP suite of protocols 00:00:00
IP address 00:00:00
Private IP addresses 00:00:00
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 00:00:00
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) 00:00:00
TCP and UDP portsFREE 00:00:00
IPv4 header 00:00:00
Nmap installation
Install Nmap on Windows 00:00:00
Install Nmap on Linux 00:00:00
Install Kali Linux 00:00:00
Nmap basics
Start NmapFREE 00:00:00
Determine service version 00:00:00
Specify port rangesFREE 00:00:00
Specify IP address range 00:00:00
Discover if a host is online 00:00:00
Discover hosts with a TCP SYN ping scan 00:00:00
Disable ping sweep 00:00:00
Determine operating systemFREE 00:00:00
What is Zenmap? 00:00:00
Example Zenmap scan 00:00:00
Interpret scan resultsFREE 00:00:00
Advanced usage
Packet trace 00:00:00
Timing optionsFREE 00:00:00
The reason flag 00:00:00
Adjust delay between probes 00:00:00
Save Nmap’s output 00:00:00
UDP scanFREE 00:00:00
Port states 00:00:00
Nmap Final Quiz Unlimited
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