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This free online course teaches you how to work in Nmap, a powerful open-source networking tool for port scanning.


About this course

This course teaches you how to work in Nmap – a powerful open-source network security tool. Nmap is the de facto standard for network mapping and port scanning and allows network administrators to discover hosts and services on a computer network, and create a map of the network.


This tutorial is designed for people who want to learn more about Nmap – what it is used for, how to use Nmap to scan your network for open ports, how to interpret scan results, and such.


The course is written for people with some experience in the world of networking. You should also have a basic understanding of Linux, since we will use a Linux distribution called Kali Linux for the examples in the course.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to download and install Nmap on your Windows or Linux system. You will learn how to start an Nmap scan and interpret its results. We will also guide you through some more advanced Nmap usage, such as scanning UDP ports, adjusting delays between scans and such.

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The contents of this course is available as an ebook for only $4.99. By buying this ebook you are supporting my work and further development of this website.

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  1. Best learning practices


    Very Good prepared and to commend to other learners.

  2. Good course!


    Course is easy to follow and gives basics of NMAP.

  3. 3

    Pretty good Nmap tutorial, for beginners. If you know your network protocols, you can probably get the same amount of useful information printing one of the myriad Nmap cheatsheets. I would have liked less trivial info (like installing) and more on advanced stuff, mainly Nmap scripting. Nevertheless, a quick and fun primer on Nmap.

  4. good


    cool course but quiz too easy

  5. nice one


    This course very useful for me i gain knowledge for the topic is nmap&zenmap

  6. Curso NMAP


    El curso es excelente, se abordan los desde el tema incial de que es, como funciono, como se instala y los diferentes comandos que se pueden realizar para el escaneo de puertos.

  7. Good Simply Course


    It’s a good, simple 1-day course on Nmap. I like it.

  8. Introduction to Nmap


    This is a very helpful introduction to the Nmap tool. This course contains quite a lot of good information and gives you a good basic overview of the tool and its use in port scanning.

  9. NMAP


    The course was very educative, eye opening and presented understanding to all basic networking

  10. good for beginners


    good for beginners

  11. 5

    Excellent Beginner Course. Love your tutorials

  12. Gaspar Sousa


    well done thank for the course

  13. Excellente Course


    I am really thankful for this course, it just helped me to refresh my knowledge about Nmap. The Curriculum is very well prepared and knowledgeable. It goes from basic to advance. I highly recommend to anyone interested in NMAP. If you are new in this, go for it. if you are a veteran and want to refresh, then go for it too. Knowledge is not wasted at the end of the journey as you always learn something new on the way.

  14. Nmap Course Finish


    very helpful and increase knowledge … thank you

  15. 5

    I cant find words to describe how awesome is this course. Thank you!!

  16. 5

    This is my first course I have done on nmap. It’s quite easy to follow from start to end. I always had a fear that nmap might be too hard to understand. But this course actually removed the fear of nmap from my mind. I liked the idea of presenting the materials in small easy to follow units. Thanks so much for providing such an interesting course for free.

  17. 5

    This is a very useful step by step guide for all.

  18. Muito bom!!!


    Muito bom, vale a pena fazer o curso.

  19. very good


    Easy to use and very helpful for network administrators

  20. Small Course But Good One.


    A small course explaining the basics of how the nmap works and gives the gist of the overall working of the Internet.

  21. Excellent nmap introduction course


    It was a very good introduction course for a powerful tool as NMAP. this tool should be in the toolbox of every penetration tester.

  22. great


    It’s a good experience for me to renew my oldest knowledge
    and good luck for newer students hwo enroll this course

  23. Really Intresting


    Is one of my first step with NMAP and i already like it. But i think it it’s possible to make this course more advenced !!! Thank you for all

  24. 5

    I WANNA THANK YOU , excelent course , God bless you

  25. Good beginners course


    A good introduction to nmap.

  26. Nmap


    I loved the course. Very basic and straight to the point but helpful if you are a newbie trying to understand all the offsets for NMAP.

    I did however see something I think is a typo.
    In The Save Nmap’s output chapter it says
    “root@kali:~# nmap -p21,22,80,135 -oX results.xml root@kali:~# cat results.txt”
    It seem you are dumping the scan results to results.xml and then reading it from results.txt?
    Am I wrong or am I missing something here?

  27. Very Useful


    This course is:

    – Simple but informative
    – Consice text
    – Quiz is short but practical

    More courses like this please.


  28. An open source network mapping utility


    A powerful easy access tool that provides network security scanning and discovery based on user knowledge and objectives such as
    • host discovery.
    • operating system detection.
    • service version detection.
    • network information about targets, such as DNS names, device types, and MAC addresses.
    • ability to scan for well-known vulnerabilities.

  29. Great


    This course is very useful to master Nmap basics. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn Nmap.

    I suggest the instructor to create other courses like Nmap NSE for those who finished this course.

  30. knowledge gained


    this is very nice course for nmap
    even i knew somethings about it but it gives me a better and good knowledge

  31. Good and short course for nmap


    Awesome short course for nmap

  32. Good introduction and easy to understand


    Good intro to nmap and zenmap without going in boring details of the various options etc. Easy to understand and get up to speed in using the tool.

  33. Very Informative


    Was able to brush up my basic Nmap Knowledge .

  34. Nmap


    Learned a lot of useful applications for the tool.

  35. Really helpful for the computer geeks like me


    Really helpful..

  36. Nmap online


    It’s a super course,,Everyone should learn this course

  37. 5

    I need this course. you cover important topics. thank you

  38. NMap Course


    Nice and straightforward course. I have background in Networking so I was able to get through a good chunk of it quickly, but even if you have no network knowledge, this course runs down the fundamentals that you’d need to know.

  39. 5

    I help me a lot to understand about nmap and also taught me about TCP/IP and UDP.

  40. Great course


    If you want to know about nmap and why you should learn about it, just take this course.

  41. Most helpful


    this course is help me a lot fundamentals of nmap. through this course i got useful knowledge about network discovery protocols and more. i would like to recommend this course who are emerging in the field of cyber security.

  42. Easy to Understand


    Everything was written in easy language, I am glad that I enrolled in this course, Now my basics are clear.

  43. Nmap course


    A great course with loads of knowledge with osi layer to tcp/udp and much more to go with very helpful

  44. Excellent explanation


    Nice description along with the practical examples… Really admired for this knowledge Bank in this site. After so much of time , I have found a great resource to learn the NMAP tool.. thanks alot geek University…

  45. Nmap


    enjoy the study and has afford me the opportunity to use nmap commands and learn a lot of things.

  46. Very Easy


    Pretty easy and amazing. The way of teaching was easy to understand. Greatly recommend it.

  47. very helpfull..5 stars


    it helped me to understand basic commands in nmap that i used mechanically without knowledge..

  48. fast & informative


    The first one i completed, no new info but well grouped and presented

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