Course Curriculum

What is MySQL? FREE 00:00:00
Database terms 00:00:00
Install MySQL on Windows 00:00:00
Install MySQL on Linux FREE 00:00:00
Access MySQL 00:00:00
Start the command-line interface 00:00:00
SQL command syntax
SQL commands syntax FREE 00:00:00
Create a database 00:00:00
Create a user FREE 00:00:00
Create a table 00:00:00
Data types 00:00:00
Important SQL commands
Insert new records 00:00:00
Modify a table FREE 00:00:00
Query a database 00:00:00
Advanced SELECT statements FREE 00:00:00
Remove a row 00:00:00
LIMIT clause 00:00:00
Update the contents of a field 00:00:00
Sort results 00:00:00
Use logical operators 00:00:00
Advanced usage
Primary keys FREE 00:00:00
MySQL functions 00:00:00
MySQL string functions 00:00:00
MySQL date functions FREE 00:00:00
MySQL aggregate functions 00:00:00
Aliases 00:00:00
Combine multiple SELECT statements 00:00:00
MySQL final quiz Unlimited
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