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This free online course teaches you how to work with Linux, a free and open source operating system.


About this course

This course teaches you how to install, use, and manage Linux. Linux is an open source computer operating system that runs on mobile phones, tablets, servers, desktops, mainframes and many other platforms.


This tutorial is designed for people who want to learn how to install and administer a Linux distribution.


You should have a basic understanding of computers, but you don’t need to know anything about Linux. We will cover all the basics commands and no prior knowledge of the Linux shell is required.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to download, install, and manage a Linux distribution from the GUI and the Linux shell. We will learn what the shell is and how to administer your Linux installation using only commands. We will cover hard disk management, network configuration, ownership and permissions, and much more.


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  1. Good


    Nice and comprehensive course

  2. very interesting and understandable course


    very interesting and understandable course. I advise everyone.

  3. Many Thanks to dear TUNA PEYO This is on of best course i ever toke


    Thank You Very Very Much to my dear instructor .
    This courses are very very useful and concise that tried to cover every thing that needed for a Linux OS starter

  4. Very good course on linux


    I will recommend everyone to attend this course , you will definitely get the the good knowledge on linux.

  5. Good Introduction


    Good Introduction

  6. Nice.....Very nice!!!


    Recommend for usage!!!

  7. 5

    Курс очень понравился!

  8. complete linux training


    Of the many Linux training, learning Linux here is very easy to understand.

    Starting from basic to advanced is here.

    Thank you Geek-University

  9. One of the best courses for trainee


    All explanation is writen simple, very good examples.

  10. 1

    Thanks for the course. You’ve just impacted my Linux career positively

  11. The course is represent start level!


    Inoght If you are beginner in Linux – this course for you. Let’s start to learn Linux!

  12. from Indonesia


    very useful and add knowledge about linux, Thank you

  13. Great


    Really great course, really thank for it.

  14. 5

    This course refresh my knowledge on Linux distribution practices, able to filled the gaps and learn some very helpful commands to day to day operations.
    Highly recommended this course to beginner to experts on Linux users.

  15. The Best place to learn


    This is really a best site to learn your desired subject. Before, I was unfamiliar with Linux Command Line Interface. Now I’ve got the Linux CLI that I never dreamed.

  16. great course really.Honestly saying In Depth concept./enroll/its worthy


    Thankyou Geek-University for providing me this free course.gained knowledge.

  17. 5

    very explanatory and understandable. Kudos to the instructor.

  18. Good Course


    Good Course. All the necessary information

  19. Amazing course


    When i was surfing the internet for Linux tutorials. I found this tutorial.when i open the course and started doing the course i fell in love with the content they said in this tutorial which is not said by our teachers in our institution.I learned so many new things here. Thanks to Geek university for this great tutorials that is for free.

  20. Excellent Course


    One of the best courses I have been through, easy to follow simple to understand. Credit to the instructor.
    Would recommend to anyone new to Linux or just wanting to understand how to do certain tasks in Linux.

  21. Good start for Linux


    To understand and to being Linux. This course is useful. Going through the course twice or thrice will help to understand and know basics very well. Thanks for this website and sharing knowledge.

  22. Satisfaction


    It was a pleasure to learn this course. You provided a good course index but a think that each point of your index must be riched with many commands and parameters of diffrent command according to the index point! thank a lot!
    Laure Kasongo Swana

  23. 5

    It is a really complete course, it goes from very basic to more complex subjects without overwhelming you.

  24. Thanks


    Very useful course specially for beginners. It teachs you the basics of linux

  25. 5

    Сourse for beginners and those who want to get acquainted with Linux.

  26. 5

    Great way to learn Linux!!
    Excellent for beginners.

  27. very nice.


    reliable – clearly and briefly

  28. 5

    It’s very informative course.

  29. Great Course for the Beginners.


    I recommend this course for beginners. This is the best course

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