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Computer network explained FREE 00:00:00
OSI reference model 00:00:00
TCP/IP reference model 00:00:00
Data encapsulation 00:00:00
Data encapsulation in the OSI model 00:00:00
Local Area Network (LAN) 00:00:00
What is Ethernet? 00:00:00
Ethernet frame 00:00:00
Unicast, multicast, broadcast addresses 00:00:00
Half and full duplex 00:00:00
Basic networking
What is a network hub? 00:00:00
What is a network bridge? 00:00:00
What is a network switch? 00:00:00
Differences between a switch and a bridge 00:00:00
What is a router? FREE 00:00:00
Collision domain explained 00:00:00
Broadcast domain explained 00:00:00
CSMA/CD explained FREE 00:00:00
IEEE Ethernet standards 00:00:00
Cisco three-layered hierarchical model 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 1 Unlimited
TCP/IP suite of protocols 00:00:00
What is an IP address? 00:00:00
Private IP addresses FREE 00:00:00
IP address classes 00:00:00
IP address types 00:00:00
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) explained 00:00:00
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) explained 00:00:00
TCP and UDP ports 00:00:00
Network protocols
Telnet protocol 00:00:00
Secure Shell (SSH) protocol 00:00:00
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 00:00:00
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) 00:00:00
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 00:00:00
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) FREE 00:00:00
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) 00:00:00
Network Time Protocol (NTP) 00:00:00
Domain Name Service (DNS) 00:00:00
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 00:00:00
Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) 00:00:00
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) 00:00:00
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) 00:00:00
IPv4 header 00:00:00
What is subnetting? 00:00:00
Subnet mask explained 00:00:00
How to create subnets FREE 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 2 Unlimited
Cisco IOS
Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) 00:00:00
Access IOS FREE 00:00:00
Power on IOS device 00:00:00
Command modes in IOS 00:00:00
Get help in IOS 00:00:00
Display IOS command history 00:00:00
IOS commands
Configure the hostname in IOS 00:00:00
Configure banners in IOS FREE 00:00:00
Configure passwords in IOS 00:00:00
service password-encryption command 00:00:00
Configure descriptions in IOS 00:00:00
Run privileged commands in global config mode 00:00:00
Interfaces on an IOS device 00:00:00
Configure an IP address for an interface 00:00:00
Pipe function in IOS 00:00:00
Memory on a Cisco device 00:00:00
Configuration files on an IOS device 00:00:00
IOS show command 00:00:00
Boot sequence of a Cisco device 00:00:00
Back up IOS configuration 00:00:00
Configure DHCP server on a Cisco router 00:00:00
Configure NTP on a Cisco device 00:00:00
Use Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) 00:00:00
Mapping hostnames to IP addresses 00:00:00
Configure DNS on a Cisco device 00:00:00
Use extended ping 00:00:00
traceroute command in IOS 00:00:00
debug command in IOS 00:00:00
Use telnet 00:00:00
Show running processes 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 3 Unlimited
IP routing
IP routing explained FREE 00:00:00
Routing table explained 00:00:00
Directly connected routes 00:00:00
Static routes 00:00:00
Dynamic routes 00:00:00
Types of routing protocols 00:00:00
Administrative distance (AD) explained 00:00:00
Routing metric explained 00:00:00
RIP (Routing Information Protocol) overview 00:00:00
RIP configuration 00:00:00
Split horizon explained 00:00:00
Route poisoning explained 00:00:00
Holddown timer explained 00:00:00
EIGRP overview 00:00:00
EIGRP neighbors FREE 00:00:00
EIGRP tables 00:00:00
Reported and feasible distance explained 00:00:00
Successor and feasible successor explained 00:00:00
EIGRP configuration 00:00:00
Wildcard mask explained 00:00:00
EIGRP and wildcard masks 00:00:00
Reliable Transport Protocol (RTP) 00:00:00
Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL) 00:00:00
EIGRP auto-summary 00:00:00
EIGRP manual summarization 00:00:00
OSPF overview 00:00:00
OSPF neighbor discovery 00:00:00
OSPF neighbor states 00:00:00
OSPF areas explained 00:00:00
Link-state advertisement (LSA) 00:00:00
Types of LSAs (Link-state advertisements) 00:00:00
Configure OSPF 00:00:00
Configure multiarea OSPF 00:00:00
Designated router and backup designated router 00:00:00
OSPF clear text authentication FREE 00:00:00
OSPF MD5 authentication 00:00:00
OSPF route summarization 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 4 Unlimited
Layer 2 switching
Layer 2 switching 00:00:00
How switches learn MAC addresses 00:00:00
How switches forward frames 00:00:00
Port security feature 00:00:00
Assign the switch IP address 00:00:00
Assign static MAC address 00:00:00
VLANs explained 00:00:00
Access and trunk ports explained FREE 00:00:00
Frame tagging explained 00:00:00
Inter-Switch Link (ISL) overview 00:00:00
802.1q overview 00:00:00
Configure VLANs 00:00:00
Configure trunk ports 00:00:00
Configure allowed VLANs on trunk 00:00:00
Routing between VLANs 00:00:00
Configure router on a stick 00:00:00
VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) overview 00:00:00
VTP modes explained 00:00:00
Configure VTP 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 5 Unlimited
Access Control Lists (ACLs)
What is ACL (Access Control List)? 00:00:00
Standard ACLs 00:00:00
Extended ACLs 00:00:00
Network Address Translation (NAT)
NAT definition 00:00:00
Static NAT configuration 00:00:00
Dynamic NAT 00:00:00
PAT configuration 00:00:00
IPv6 overview 00:00:00
IPv6 address format 00:00:00
IPv6 address types 00:00:00
IPv6 global unicast address 00:00:00
IPv6 unique local address 00:00:00
IPv6 link-local addresses 00:00:00
IPv6 EUI-64 calculation 00:00:00
Configure IPv6 on a Cisco router 00:00:00
CCENT Quiz 6 Unlimited
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