CCENT ICND1 100-101 course

This free online course teaches you everything you need to know to pass the CCENT exam.


About this course

This course covers everything you will need to pass the Cisco CCENT 100-101 ICND1 exam, but it also provides many information about internetworking in general. The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification is a famous IT certification from a company called Cisco. After you pass the ICND1 exam, you will need to pass ICND2 200-101 exam to obtain your CCNA certification.


This tutorial is designed for people studying for the CCENT ICND1 100-101 exam, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to learn about computer networks in general.


You should have a basic understanding of computers. You should have some basic knowledge of system administration (configuring IP addresses, connecting to the Internet, installing Windows, etc.). An experience with the command line is recommended, but not required.

What you’ll learn

You will learn what computer networks are, the difference between the OSI and TCP models, what an IP address is, how to configure an IP address on a Cisco router, etc. In later lessons we will go through topics such as routing protocols, IPv6, NAT, Spanning Tree Protocol…

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The contents of this course is available as an ebook for only $4.99. By buying this ebook you are supporting my work and further development of this website.

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  1. Great

    The course was very useful

  2. Warsame

    the course was really greatfull. thank you so much



    This course has been really helpful and i feel ready and i have learnt a lot from my enrollment.
    I strongly advise anyone who would like to enroll to please do so because this is so informative.
    Thanks a lot Geek university for this opportunity.

  4. Great course!


    Must be studied by anyone interested in network technologies!



    This course was very helpful

  6. Jibril


    I would like to thank the instructor of this course and I do appreciate the work he done and website he made free which is very easy to use and understand and bringing closer to understand IT.

  7. the content matches what I learned in university network course


    I accidentally found this website when I was preparing for the final exam of my university network security course. When the university exam passed, I am aware this web content is very helpful for me to prepare for CCENT exams. And it did help me learned comprehensive knowledge on network basics. The content structure resonates with what I learned in university lecturers. I am very grateful for the instructor TUNA PEYO.
    Thank you guys very much.

  8. Good Course


    It’s help a beginner to gain great knowledge in networking. With this i also passed the practice examinations conducted for CCENT certification on my 2nd attempt only. Thanks for providing this course for free and expecting some great courses by you, which help students to have a great command over networking……!

  9. Just amazing


    the best exams and the best explanation amazing

  10. Good Starting Point


    This course is a good starting point for exam preparation. It’s definitely not enough to take to pass the CCENT exam.

  11. CCNA Tutorial


    Very easy to understand!!!

  12. Good Comprehensive


    A very good comprehensive guide to topics covered, examples used are particularly good for explaining. More detail will be needed to do exam but a good starting point.

  13. 5

    great course for network beginner!

  14. 5

    Excellent training experience at geek university site, I am really thankful that I chosen geek university. The notes is very knowledgeable.

  15. Awesome experience


    Great learning👍 very good content, explanation was very good in a simple manner. I recommend everyone who like networking go fir this course.

    Keep it up👍

  16. Good Information


    A lot of good information. Some topics covered I don’t think are in ICND 1 though like EIGRP and VTP I believe aren’t until ICND 2, if you are taking the Cisco Exams. Also this course will be difficult I think if you have no experience at all in networking but if you are studying for the CCENT or CCNA and are looking for additional study material it is helpful.

  17. appreciation


    very good presentation of course .and simplified explanation .i really liked it.

  18. Great course


    I really recommend.



    Its easy to understand.The notes are good.The quizzes to are worth it.Thanks Tuna

  20. Excellent course.


    The company I work for paid a little over $4000 for me to take a Cisco course. I think I learned more here. I especially liked your user interface. It makes it easy to go back and review previous chapters. Everyone wanted to get a Cisco certificate can benefit by taking this online course. Thanks for making it free and perfect.

  21. Superbbb experience


    In this course i learn CCENT ,,,SUPERB

  22. 5

    Excellent. I recommend those taking computer engineering to pursue the course so as to increase their knowledge in networking.Very useful.

  23. good


    good for begginers but goes a long way

  24. Excellent book


    I have completed this CCENT course. Every chapters are nicely organized and summarize the bullet point to understand easily. I learn and enjoyed reading this Course.

  25. Fantastic


    This course was really awesome. I have learned new skills and knowledge throughout the course. it’s so inspiring.

  26. CCENT ICND1 course


    I learnt a lot about networking from the course and will provide mw with valuable background knowledge in my day-to-day cyber security operations work.

  27. Great


    This course has been really helpful and i feel ready and i have learnt a lot from my enrollment and I went deeper with other sources of review and understanding.
    Thanks a lot Geek university for this opportunity.

  28. Feedback CCENT ICND1 Geek Uni


    Excellent! Thousands thanks to amazing instructor, Tuna Peyo.

  29. 5

    very interesting and easy to go course.The explanations are so easy to undersatnd.Thank you sir

  30. Very good course


    Suitable for everyone who want to learn networks

  31. Hayat Wali


    Explained Concepts in the best and easiest way……… Enjoyed the course to build a good foundation of CCNA

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