CCNA Security

Secure IOS images and files

Jan 19,85

You can secure the IOS images and configuration files stored in flash and NVRAM using a feature called Cisco IOS Resilient …

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Configure NTP on Cisco router

Jan 18,85

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an application layer protocol used to synchronizate clocks between computers on a TCP/IP network. The goal …

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Enable SSH on Cisco router

Jan 17,85

Telnet sends all data in clear-text, including usernames and passwords. That is why it is recommended to use SSH (Secure …

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Passwords on IOS devices

Jan 16,85

IOS devices can be protected using different types of passwords, depending on the type of access. Each password you configure should …

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Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) example

Jan 15,85

After you’ve added a router to a community, you can configure its various settings. For example, to change the router hostname, …

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Add router to Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP)

Jan 14,85

Before you start using CCP, make sure that the following requirements are met: the router you would like to manage …

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