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What is Splunk? FREE 00:00:00
Install Splunk on Windows 00:00:00
Install Splunk on Linux 00:00:00
Access Splunk web interface 00:00:00
First steps
Splunk Home 00:00:00
Data sources 00:00:00
What is an index? 00:00:00
Create an index FREE 00:00:00
Add data to Splunk 00:00:00
Searching overview
Launch search app 00:00:00
Search rules 00:00:00
Example search 00:00:00
Boolean expressions 00:00:00
Fields FREE 00:00:00
Pipes 00:00:00
Time range picker 00:00:00
top command 00:00:00
stats command 00:00:00
sort command 00:00:00
where command 00:00:00
Windows logs
Windows inputs 00:00:00
Collect event logs from a local Windows machine 00:00:00
Collect performance counters 00:00:00
Collect Windows host information 00:00:00
Universal forwarders
What are forwarders? 00:00:00
Set up a receiver 00:00:00
Install a Splunk forwarder on Windows 00:00:00
Monitor logs using forwarders FREE 00:00:00
Monitor remote Windows event logs 00:00:00
Install a Splunk forwarder on Linux 00:00:00
Configure a Splunk forwarder on Linux 00:00:00
Alerting and reporting
Alerts overview 00:00:00
Create an alert 00:00:00
Create an alert that runs a script FREE 00:00:00
Reports overview 00:00:00
Create a report 00:00:00
Share a report 00:00:00
Splunk final quiz Unlimited
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