Course Curriculum

What is Raspberry Pi? FREE 00:00:00
Raspberry Pi board 00:00:00
Set up Raspberry Pi 00:00:00
Format an SD card 00:00:00
Operating systems for Raspberry Pi 00:00:00
Raspbian OS
Install Raspbian FREE 00:00:00
Use Raspbian 00:00:00
Connect to the Internet 00:00:00
Raspberry Pi Store 00:00:00
Install applications from the Pi Store 00:00:00
Raspbian repository 00:00:00
Update Raspbian 00:00:00
Synaptic Package Manager 00:00:00
raspi-config application
raspi-config 00:00:00
Expand Raspbian filesystem 00:00:00
Change password 00:00:00
Boot options 00:00:00
Internationalisation options 00:00:00
Enable camera in raspi-config 00:00:00
Add your Raspberry Pi to Rastrack 00:00:00
Overclock the Raspberry Pi FREE 00:00:00
Change Raspberry Pi’s hostname 00:00:00
Memory split option 00:00:00
Play audio 00:00:00
Play video 00:00:00
Play games 00:00:00
Record pictures and videos 00:00:00
Script that takes a picture 00:00:00
Record videos in slow-motion 00:00:00
Motion detector FREE 00:00:00
Terminal in Raspbian 00:00:00
Useful terminal commands FREE 00:00:00
Directory management 00:00:00
File management 00:00:00
Get help 00:00:00
Sort lines in a file 00:00:00
Search text strings within files 00:00:00
Search for files 00:00:00
Display last lines of a text file 00:00:00
List running processes 00:00:00
List processes in real-time 00:00:00
Create and extract archives 00:00:00
Display IP address 00:00:00
Show disk space 00:00:00
Remote access
Access Raspbian remotely 00:00:00
Enable SSH in Raspbian FREE 00:00:00
Use SFTP to transfer files 00:00:00
Raspberry Pi final quiz Unlimited
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